Energy HUB

About the technology

Energy HUB solution consists of a wave energy convertor in addition to an energy storage device. The function of the Wave energy converter is to convert the kinetic energy of ocean waves into electrical energy. Kinetic energy refers to the energy in the motion of waves, which, as we shall see, is quite crucial. The energy storage system is capable of storing electrical energy by turning it back into kinetic energy – without any battery or other chemical element.

Utilizing ocean waves to generate useful energy is not a novel concept; we are not the first to consider it. Earlier generations of wave energy converters consisted of buoys or linear chains of buoys that moved up and down and transferred the oscillating motion of the wave to the oscillating motion of the electrical generator.

Except for the fact that oscillating motion is ineffective, the length of the wave energy converters of earlier generations could not exceed the wavelength of the waves; if it did, they would both lie on numerous waves at the same time, nullifying the effect of the oscillation of the sea waves.

Our revolutionary, patent-pending concept is based on a floating ring on the ocean's surface. This ring enables the transformation of oscillating motion into rotary motion, which is the motion that generates the most electricity efficiently.

Also the diameter of our rotating ring can exceeds a wavelength. The bigger the diameter of the ring, the more sturdy it is against ocean waves, and the more energy we can collect from a broader surface area.

And then, our energy Storage, which is also a rotating device floating on the ocean's surface, will serve as the cornerstone for the storage of clean energy, by converting extra electricity into kinetic energy.

Please see the video above for additional information about technology.