niore Energy storage

water, waves, ripples

What’s the current situation?

the transition to an energy mix that eliminates the production of electricity from coal and the atom on the one hand, and the production of energy from unstable sources such as solar radiation and wind leads to an increased need for electricity storage

What’s the problem? 

95% of storage capacity today is covered by the principle of pumped storage, pumped storage plants are saturated and investment intensive in terms of suitable geographical locations, – other forms of electricity storage are very energy inefficient, in many cases also environmentally unacceptable, than toxic chemicals in batteries 

What is our solution? 

the basis of our patented technology is the abbot of a floating ring on the water surface of the ocean, – if you spin this ring, a rotating mass is formed, which has accumulated kinetic energy, similar to a train or an electric car, – by recuperating this energy we get energy into the transmission network in case of its lack

The benefits of our solution

our rotating ring can reach a diameter of hundreds and more meters and accumulate electricity in the volume of 100 and more MWh, thus competing with the capacity of pumped storage power plants, – location on the water surface of the sea is not so geographically limited as pumping stations, enough free space is immediately next to wind off-shore parks, on dam power plants, or these areas can be produced artificially in addition to decommissioned coal and nuclear power plants, where their existing infrastructure.  Investment costs are in the range of only 10-30% compared to over-pumps