niore wave energy convertor

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What is the current situation?

a photovoltaic collector can transform only 20% of solar radiation into electricity, not more than 200W / m2, – solar radiation creates atmospheric imbalances, which lead to the formation of wind and wind turbine can convert about 800W / m2, – the wind acts on the sea surface and causes sea waves that offer an energy density of more than 2kW / m – therefore, we have accepted the call to turn this concentrated energy into a liquidator for the emission of greenhouse gases. 

What’s the problem?

the first generation of sea wave energy converters are simply buckets that convert the movement of a wave into the oscillating motion of an electric power generator in one hupe and – the second generation is in the form of a snake as a linear chain of fighting, which measures oscillating motion into inefficient oscillating motion, – the boy of the first generation, or the second generation snake cell, cannot have a larger dimension than the wavelength, otherwise it would lie on several waves simultaneously and thus eliminate the effect of sea wave oscillations, so the ratio of „iron“ to energy produced is economically unfavorable and therefore can not compete with other ways of generating electricity – our disruptive technology offers the conversion of oscillating motion into rotary motion, which is the most efficient for the production of electricity. 

What is our solution? 

the basis of our patented technology is a floating ring on the water surface of the ocean, – self-adjusting blades are located around the circumference of the ring, – the force of the sea waves acts on the blades, resulting in the rotation of the floating ring about its axis, – a rotating ring is an ideal solution for the subsequent conversion of rotary motion into electrical energy. – the benefits of our solution? – our rotating ring can have a dimension exceeding multiples of the wavelength, the larger the diameter of the ring, the more stable it is against the acting sea waves. – converts energy over distances of hundreds and more meters, which radically reduces the cost of „iron“ compared to the electricity produced.

We offer the market the first solution for the conversion of sea wave energy, which can compete with other sources of renewable energy. – in addition, we can store excess energy (2in1 solution) in the same device in the energy tank as a non chemical battery  (energy tank)
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