Clean Energy Production & Storage

With the disruptive technology of converting sea wave energy into electricity and using water  in the energy storage, we want to make a significant contribution to global goals.

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You know it. You will find a golden treasure and the value increases for you as in a gold rush. The golden treasure can also be in the form of an artistic theme, such as serial M.A.S.H Or in the form of the invention of semiconductor transistor technology, which we have almost everywhere today. We managed to find the right way to solve the energy problems caused by the effort to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.


With the disruptive technology of converting sea wave energy into electricity and storing it in energy storage, we want to make a significant contribution to global goals. Our mission has several stages, starting with building energy sources on sea waves and storing them at the same time, then building a network connected to energy-intensive countries, in the next step connecting individual continents and in parallel building up a system of power stations that will provide ocean-going ships to charge electricity during their sailing across the sea. Our mission will start modestly and wants to gradually build a global network that will benefit our children, to whom we will provide a carbon-neutral infrastructure.

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niore founders

Ing.Miroslav Novák

Miro reached his degree in rocket technology in the field of computer engineering at the University of Defense Brno (EU), at Charles University in Prague, he graduated in the field of Arabic language. Most of his career has spent by programming information systems. This millennium he dedicated to research and development of renewable energy sources, is the author of patent applications for self-adjusting turbine blades and large energy reservoirs

Ing. Vladimír Mistrík

Vlado studied Business Management at the University of Economics in Bratislava. He has years of experience in project management and implementation of restructuring processes in enterprises. He has worked at the risk management company belonging to Big4. It is a certified Project Manager – Prince 2.Currently is dedicated to advising on restructuring,  EU funds and especially niore’s projects.

niore Board of advisors

Ing.Elena Kohútiková 

studied at University of Economics in Bratislava. She completed her doctorate in economics at the Institute of Economics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Mrs. Kohútiková started her professional career in 1990 at the State Bank of Czechoslovakia and later continued with the National Bank of Slovakia (central bank) as Chief Executive Officer of the Economic Department. From 2000, she served as Vice-Governor Member of the Bank´s Board. She represented the Bank of Slovakia with the European Commission, the Economic and Financial Policy Committee. In 2006, Mrs. Kohútiková has accepted position of deputy general director and the Board member at VUB Bank, the role she serves from 2006 to 2017.

Foto Andrej Juris

Ing.Andrej Juris

after graduating at the Slovak Technical University in 1988, he worked on the construction of the Mochovce nuclear power plant. Subsequently he joined the Antimonopoly Office, where his field of responsibility was the enforcement of competition. In 1994, he co-founded the Centre for Economic Development with the aim to support independent discussion and analysis of the economy policy in Slovakia. In 1997, he graduated at the MPA  program in Princeton University in 1997, he continued to work on international energy-related projects for further 7 years for the US-based consulting company NERA. Since 2004 he has been working at Západoslovenská energetika and since 2007 he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Západoslovenská distribučná. He is the author of several publications in the field of energy sector regulation and liberalisation and he also lectured at the Economic University. 

Zoran Draskovič

Zoran joined White & Case in February 2009, prior to which he worked for Linklaters. He has broad experience in energy and infrastructure, banking and real estate sectors, including advising clients on mergers and acquisitions and competition matters. Mr. Draškovič has advised clients on various energy and infrastructure projects, including a joint gas storage development project and major public-private partnership projects in the field of transport infrastructure. In the energy sector, he has acted for a number of clients in the gas and electricity industries (among others an electricity generator, electricity suppliers and traders, distribution system operators and a gas storage operator) on a wide array of transactional, corporate, regulatory, litigation and competition matters. 

Daniel Svrček

Daniel has started to work in applied research and development  after graduation as an independent researcher on research and development base with. p. SLOV AIR. After a short time he became one of the most successful innovators in the company in terms of the number of improvement proposals as well as the overall economic benefit. During his lifetime in this specific and challenging area, Daniel has been a co-solver and a leading solver of a number of major research and development projects. Daniel focused on the development of computational methodology of propellers, both aerodynamically and strength. He has designed more than 120 aircraft propellers for various applications ranging from ultra light aircraft to industrial propellers.


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